Switching your company to Voice over Internet (VOIP) Telephone Service? 3 Starter Tips.

If your company is considering VOIP telephone service to save up to 80% off the company phone bills, I wanted to make some suggestions concerning what is important to save maney.

First is your number of phones. If you have over 12-15 phones in a single location, it is better to choose managed / on-site service, where a server is set up at your company with an IP PBX system.

Second is your ISP connection speed. Don’t be surprised if you need to upgrade your ISP service to switch to VOIP. You are forcing a lot more data through the connection. Only switch over to VOIP if connections speeds exceed data expectations.

Third, make sure you choose a solutions vendor with experience in both voice and networking. Many IT solutions companies lack telephone experience, which can end up leaving you with strange errors when people call. Even having them told your phone number is not connected before the connection goes through! Also, beware of exceedingly long contracts (over 3 years). The cost of these services is still elastic and the benefit is supposed to be savings.