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Saving by Combining Telephony Resources

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3 Companies Invest in a Shared Phone System to Significantly Cut Costs with VOIP Services

Client Description: 3 Clients in a shared building utilize a Managed VOIP System on site. Lines and VoIP Support are provided by Telewebtech over a Cable broadband connection.

Summary: Clients requested a voice system that would allow them to combine services while maintaining individual lines and auto attendants in order to cut costs by using VoIP services. Telewebtech provided a combined services quote with unlimited nationwide minutes and a partitioned invoice structure for the building partnership. This client was offered a SaaS (System as a Service) option with an average telephone service spend per user of under $15.00 per user monthly because of their low call concurrency. Telewebtech solutions were necessary to correct interoffice networking and ISP connectivity issues present in the group’s network.

Solution Process: Because the client felt that ISP issues could prevent a VoIP solution from working, the first step was a network evaluation for interoffice connectivity and broadband ISP quality, where ISP connectivity issues were confirmed. The second step was to correct the interoffice networking issues and build the IP telephone system in-line with current services so that there would be no interruption in business. Should the network corrections allow the voice services to work flawlessly when tested, the solution was to be implemented.

Solution: The client was skeptical that a VoIP service would work over its ISP due to ongoing connectivity issues. Telewebtech examined the ISP connection both from inside the interoffice system and directly at the cable modem. Our Director of Engineering found that there were stark differences in the results. The interoffice network settings were identified as the culprit for connectivity issues. Once corrected, the connection to the ISP remained steadfast and provided speeds suitable for handling phone calls using VoIP for the 17 user site.

The new phone system was then built and tested in-line with the current system with a temporary number to prevent any interruption in business. The tests confirmed the system would work over the ISP and numbers were sent to be ported from a major telephony company. Once the numbers ported, the system performed flawlessly for voice services.

Take-Aways: VoIP and IP Phone Systems require advanced knowledge of networking. Telewebtech was told that the internal networking was originally set up by a professional engineer; however, added devices were typically set automatically and simply plugged in by users. This resulted in a subversion and corruption of the original engineers network settings, which in turn caused connectivity problems across the system.