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Wireless VoIP Issues and Opportunities

Wi-Fi VoIP Image

While ResearchAndMarkets.com is showing increased use of wireless VoIP applications and handsets, it may be too early to do away with all of the companies wired SIP handsets. This report on how consumer use of Wi-Fi Cuts Broadband Speeds out of the UK offers a little research on why. Companies looking to leverage wireless SIP apps and devices can still do so. Read on for a list of reasons why some of our clients use SIP enabled devices, including cutting cellphone bills and going green.

The UK research firm, Epitiro, actually found Home broadband users lose 30 per cent of their download speeds when accessing the internet with wireless; also, Wi-Fi use was found to increase latency by between 10 and 20 per cent. Both could be detrimental to SIP-based voice communications. Often the root cause of these issues was interference created because the modem shared a common default communication channel, a problem that many companies could also face if their IT team has been stretched to thin.

Though not yet ready to be the dominant modes of communication, there are good reasons to have Telewebtech review your current network and offer strategies to use VoIP over wireless devices like smartphones and DECT phones.

  1. Cut Costs:
    Wi-Fi and 3G/4G enabled smartphones using SIP apps over data plans and Wi-Fi connections do not take up minutes. Even better, employees off site can log into their extension making long distance a thing of the past.
  2. Go Green:
    Imagine not having to cover employee home phones and calls at all. With access to internet and their smart phone, they are using the company call server. That means they can work from home, not using the inevitable $4.00 gallon of gas, nor wasting time in traffic (late again).
  3. Mobility:
    Many of our warehouse clients need a mobile on their employees just to track them down. Why pay minutes? Tie them into the main phone system with apps and SIP enabled cordless phones.
  4. Moving Up:
    Take a first step towards Cloud-based communications and applications that allow future Green initiatives and give your employees greater opportunities to succeed.