Why Businesses Buy Employee Cell Phones

user with two cell phones

With traditional land lines going out of fashion in favor of cell phones for consumers across the US (USA Today), and data plan pricing on the verge of rising (Business Week), it seems like time to ask a key question about company cellular expenditures. Does your company need to pay for employee cell phones?

With over 25 years of integration experience, Telewebtech’s Director of Engineering points to two key factors that often drive company cell phone decisions.

For most businesses, the first concern is actually security not utility. An employee cellphone can turn into a walking company rolodex of clients and vendor relationships. IT teams have consistently struggled to keep information safe by enforcing passwords, selecting devices with appropriate external access to prevent information leaks, and pressing for device ownership. But with Smart Phones, many IT teams have watched their control slip away in favor of greater utility (flexibility and usefulness), putting more sensitive data on the devices rather than less.

This primarily leaves device ownership as the main security plan, which is expensive and still filled with loopholes due to the ease of syncing Smart Phones. Those concerns have been key in many of Telewebtech’s recent conversations on controlling rising cell costs with cloud communications and our solutions have been a welcomed recapturing of control.

The second issue has less force as our economy starts to recover, costs. Most IT professionals and business leaders are wise enough not to let costs inhibit security and utility. However, many IT managers in small privately owned businesses have nothing to gain by reducing costs. IT managers are often only rewarded based upon the effectiveness of their solution. Though this is a really motivation issue, one way that IT managers can reduce the bottom line without security issues is by centralizing data control in order to reduce device ownership.

There are effective policy options available when the right tools are in place that can allow employees to use their own devices and still have access to company resources. Contact Telewebtech to find out more.