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Two Web Tips for Business Owners

Pin in a MapTelewebtech has worked with a number of clients towards improving their web communications, including SEO and SEM strategy and tactics. However, sometimes the best web strategy is for a business owner to get personally involved. I wanted to cover two simple tactics this month that small business owners can do to help promote and understand their business online without adding a lot to their daily schedule.

Get on Google Local – 5 minutes

Google Local lets people know where you are and where you provide service to. Of course, if you often go to your clients, the service does not have to display your address. It will allow you to set a simple range for your service area based on cities, counties and states or by distance from your business address. Google will confirm that you own the company by mail, making it a highly reliable search engine optimization tool!

Track your Company – just 1 more email

You can use a BETA service by Google called Google alerts to get search results for a specific term or phrase (tip: put your company name in quotes “my company name”). The results are available as they happen, daily, or weekly. The service expands the Google News feature by including search and social media. This a great way to keep track of your brand on the web and head off any PR issues. Responding to positive and negative feedback honestly and promptly can help potential clients understand your strengths and give them a good idea of how your company does business. You could use it for other alerts on your local community, key vendors, or major clients as well.