SIP Hardware Growing Strong

Grandstream Video PhonesSIP is a dominant emerging player for telephony and the post on by Melanie Turek (VP, Research, Frost & Sullivan)  supports this statement . F&S research estimates that SIP phone shipments will more than double by 2015, reaching around 4.7 million in units sold around the world. But that is just the start, research also shows SIP Trunk use is growing worldwide and playing a dominant role in growth and adoption of Enterprise Video. As a result it enables services that will become essential to businesses as younger markets become more familiar with video enabled technology.

Here are a few more supporting research data points on the rise and value of SIP in the market place. reports that Infonetics Research expects SIP Trunking to expand at a 52% compound annual rate over through 2015. Meanwhile, SIP Trunking allows for an easy integration of video as noted by in this article at

The fact is that the innovation and competition driven by SIP in the phone market has lead to considerable improvements overall. The products now available both to consumers and businesses are changing customer demands. The IP desktop phone may soon become the center place of the desktop, allowing multimedia interactions that makes customer service more efficient and effective. These developments along with declining prices and service related savings are leading to a greater number of businesses in North America upgrading or replacing their existing hardware. Growth is expected worldwide, and with this growth, I would expect greater competition and innovation. The best part is that it is all Open Platform. I am always happy when the numbers show that choosing Open Platform today, will keep saving your business money and give you better opportunities moving forward.