Customizing Grandstream Phones

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grandstream gxp2100A great feature of Grandstream GXP Phones is the ability to customize the screen with XML. Administrators can customize the screens on Grandstream’s GXP21xx IP Phones to show a 3CX logo, or any other graphical logo for that matter. Screens on Grandstream GXP14xx IP Phones can also be customized to display text logos.

This ability to customize idle screens can be used creatively to enhance services and user support. With it, administrators can brand Grandstream IP phones either for their company, customers, or provide information like support contact information.

The GXP Series supports both simple and advanced XML applications to control idle screens, accessible data, and directories.

With the idle screen settings there are a number of XML-based features that allow convenient dynamically updated information like local weather and other information. The XML also allows for greater control of installation and plug and play capabilities. These XML applications include a phone book application that can be set company-wide or by department to make call management easier for employees. The XML features can also include Call Center surveys and idle screen set up.

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