Is your company spending too much on phone service?

Try reviewing usage to determine if you are a heavy minutes or a heavy concurrency company.

This is geared towards companies considering service after building their own SIP based VOIP platform as most service providers for smaller companies offer unlimited plans rather than giving a minutes-based option, which can be far cheaper.

Companies looking to reduce telephony costs with a managed VOIP platform should review how they use their systems and service. Many companies pay for minutes they don’t use, or for more lines than they require. When I’ve helped companies analyze all their telephony related invoices, simple changes in service have allowed significant savings. Enough that replacing the old key system with a new VOIP system is paid off in less than 12 months. Continue reading

Misleading Toll Free Minutes Claims from Telephone Providers

I have been answering some questions from friends recently who were convinced that their Toll Free number system was providing them unlimited inbound minutes. With my knowledge of phone services, I have to admit that at first glance I was taken back. It really looked like they were doing what they said, and I couldn’t work out the profitability numbers on it. Continue reading