Issues for 2012: Smartphone Hacking

user with two cell phonesFor companies installing new VoIP systems in 2012 who decide to open extensions to smartphones, the issues of 2011 are still on the radar. Wednesday October 26, 2011 Infonectics Research released a report on how Smartphone hacking is fueling big growth in mobile security client software sales. Though hackers continue to target the larger number of PCs out in the market, mobile phone hacking for financial gain is expected to be on the rise. The threat is nothing new. In August of 2009, released an article quoting Android Security Leader Rich Cannings speaking at the Usenix Security Symposium as saying  “The smartphone OS will become a major security target”.

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3CX Named as One of CRN’s 2015 Top Tech Innovators

3CX, announced today that it has been named one of the IT industry’s leading tech innovators by CRN®. The 2015 CRN Tech Innovator Awards recognize standout companies that have brought to market hardware, software or services that have substantially impacted the industry!

SIP Hardware Growing Strong

Grandstream Video PhonesSIP is a dominant emerging player for telephony and the post on by Melanie Turek (VP, Research, Frost & Sullivan)  supports this statement . F&S research estimates that SIP phone shipments will more than double by 2015, reaching around 4.7 million in units sold around the world. But that is just the start, research also shows SIP Trunk use is growing worldwide and playing a dominant role in growth and adoption of Enterprise Video. As a result it enables services that will become essential to businesses as younger markets become more familiar with video enabled technology.

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Two Web Tips for Business Owners

Pin in a MapTelewebtech has worked with a number of clients towards improving their web communications, including SEO and SEM strategy and tactics. However, sometimes the best web strategy is for a business owner to get personally involved. I wanted to cover two simple tactics this month that small business owners can do to help promote and understand their business online without adding a lot to their daily schedule. Continue reading

US Broadband Health Report

Broadband in the US is expensive and slow compared to many other first world countries. Don’t believe it? Check out the study released last year by Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society done on behalf of the Federal Communications Commission. Rick Karr ( delivers an excellent post with some links to further study. He solidly points his finger at and encourages government regulators.

At a time when everything seems to be difficult and many are complaining about too much regulation, Karr has made an interesting note: regulators can increase competition as well. So why isn’t there more competition?

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Why Businesses Buy Employee Cell Phones

user with two cell phones

With traditional land lines going out of fashion in favor of cell phones for consumers across the US (USA Today), and data plan pricing on the verge of rising (Business Week), it seems like time to ask a key question about company cellular expenditures. Does your company need to pay for employee cell phones?

With over 25 years of integration experience, Telewebtech’s Director of Engineering points to two key factors that often drive company cell phone decisions.

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Free Wi-Fi the Worldover

Adael WiFi Hotspot in France

One of the least secure ways to handle data is joining open Wi-Fi hotspots; however, working on the road requires an endless use of whatever connection one can get. So, as I’ve been the ever present Euro-Road-Warrior this past month, I thought I would abide by 5 guidelines for Wi-Fi security. The sources I used to put together my 5 part list are 10 Tips for Road Warriors, Techcrunch, 5 Tips for Protecting Your Computer, Travel and Leisure, and Six essential Apple iPhone security tips, Mac World (because I am much more likely to connect with my iPhone).

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