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3CX Named as One of CRN’s 2015 Top Tech Innovators

3CX, announced today that it has been named one of the IT industry’s leading tech innovators by CRN®. The 2015 CRN Tech Innovator Awards recognize standout companies that have brought to market hardware, software or services that have substantially impacted the industry!

SIP Hardware Growing Strong

Grandstream Video PhonesSIP is a dominant emerging player for telephony and the post on by Melanie Turek (VP, Research, Frost & Sullivan)  supports this statement . F&S research estimates that SIP phone shipments will more than double by 2015, reaching around 4.7 million in units sold around the world. But that is just the start, research also shows SIP Trunk use is growing worldwide and playing a dominant role in growth and adoption of Enterprise Video. As a result it enables services that will become essential to businesses as younger markets become more familiar with video enabled technology.

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open system image of unlocked phone

The Future is Open Platform

open system image of unlocked phone

Telewebtech has been supportive of open phone systems since its inception, in fact it was founded on the idea that systems should be built to embrace component competition. We have not opted for Open Source solutions (yet) and find that many of our clients do not easily differentiate between the two. Open platform phone systems are the result of phones that run on the existing IT network and standard protocols for voice communications over the internet, in particular Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). These phone systems are built by for-profit companies, like 3CX, that are invested in the success and development of the system. Read more if you would like to know why they are considered “open” and how they drastically cut the cost of systems while increasing the value to the company.

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Snom VOIP Phones: a Green Review

snom 300 IP Phone

In May of 2010, I began asking my team about how to make green VOIP solutions. It resulted in Telewebtech’s 3 Keys to Green VOIP. At the end, I was not sure if companies would be more interested in our 3 Keys to “save the environment” or just cash? The reason was a Germany-based company, Snom, and their 300 Series VoIP Phones. Their report on the 300 series phones was released in 2008. I even used their head-to-head calculator to evaluate some similar phones from competitors and see the estimated carbon and financial savings. You can do the same here (link), though they no longer link to it from their top page.

Because of Snom’s comparison tool, and the internal standard for green system design, I wanted to personally research the quality and usability of the Snom 300 VoIP Phone. Snom was kind enough to let me demo one. Here is an overall assessment, read on for details. On quality, the design offers a compact and solid build, somewhat more than similar phones from other brands that I’ve used. My engineers have been surprised that a standard level VOIP phone (the 300 Series features the 320 and 370 as well) is so well-rounded and stable. In addition, it is complimented by an intuitive web interface.

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Misleading Toll Free Minutes Claims from Telephone Providers

I have been answering some questions from friends recently who were convinced that their Toll Free number system was providing them unlimited inbound minutes. With my knowledge of phone services, I have to admit that at first glance I was taken back. It really looked like they were doing what they said, and I couldn’t work out the profitability numbers on it. Continue reading