Open VOIP Servers

Telewebtech helps companies choose the right equipment. We custom build the servers ourselves or purchase them from trusted vendors to ensure the equipment is in perfect condition. Clients have the option to purchase their server at cost from TWT and own the system or pay for the System as a Service and let TWT maintain ownership. Either option guarantees that the system is always the best fit at the most affordable price. TWT can even help companies procure the latest in Green Technology or utilize existing equipment to ensure minimal impact with a new system. Read more about Green Voip on

Telwebtech utilizes IP PBX that runs on the Microsoft platform. The IP PBX is both reliable and easy to manage. Once the system is installed, our clients can rely on us to help make changes, add features, and manage users or make the necessary changes themselves by logging into a simple interface. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with many products to provide unified messaging and multi-leveled fail-over options.

Already have a spare server? Mention the make and model when contacting us so we can help you determine if it will handle our telephone system. This can help you set up a Green System.