Green VOIP Systems

Environmentally Conscious VOIP Telephone Systems

Paying attention to the environment does not mean spending more money. In fact, using less energy and following environmentally friendly system designs for your phone systems also save money. Telewebtech follows 3 Keys to Sustainable Phone Systems that are simple and cost reducing. It takes the right engineers to pay attention to the details and evaluate your business.

3 Keys to Sustainable Phone Systems

  1. Flexibility:

    In addition, the flexibility of Open VOIP Systems enables a more flexible work culture with soft phones, built in video calls, and call conferencing. This requires flexibility in business practices. A single individual in the Indianapolis area telecommuting just 1 day a week for 1 year will save 117 gallons of gasoline (link).

  2. Survivability:

    Re-use and Recycle are the motto’s of a survivable phone system. Open VOIP systems and devices using SIP meet the call for survivability better than proprietary systems. They do not require the same brand of hardware across the system or particular licensing. They will adapt with your business; staying through future changes and cutting future costs.

  3. Efficiency:

    When new devices need to be added to the system, choose the most eco-friendly devices and omit unnecessary components to reduce energy use. Components such as servers that meet Energy Star Ratings or have proven reduced energy use, like the Snom 300 series phones, can reduce the carbon footprint and infrastructure costs little by little. See Climate Saving Computing for information on energy saving networking.

Telewebtech is dedicated to Green VOIP. We have enabled customers to use current systems including servers and phones while reducing costs.