Managed VOIP Services

Managed VOIP Systems place a voice system on the client’s premise much like a server. The system can still be serviced by Telewebtech through remote access and allows for fail-over to a back up system off site, which can monitor both the ISP, VOIP, and Managed System for failures to grant comprehensive fail over service.

Business Benefits of Managed VOIP Systems & Services

Of course there is the Value of an unlimited nationwide calling package company-wide. However, the bottom line is just one factor in the benefits of a managed VOIP service and IP PBX from Telewebtech. Over time, additional benefits increase the return on the investment as the system grows and adapts to your companies needs.

Cost effective for growing companies: Set up additional extensions, even for a temp, without additional service fees. Or, get more lines without the hassle of getting new physical lines plus cut cell phone bills with integrated unified communications.

Budget stability: Monthly all inclusive fees reduce uncertainty about bills while allowing employees to use the services most valuable to them

Flexible for satellite offices: A benefit of “hosting it yourself” is that extensions don’t have to be on site. Set up your own virtual office lines with an independent geographical number

Cheap mobility: Free PC Phones allow employees to use their business lines to make and receive calls through their laptop with find-me-follow-me features when they are out and about. This makes them an extension dial away, and transferable from the main number.

Greater customer satisfaction: Make it easier for callers to reach you or get a faster response from your business with call groups and call hunt groups

Complete company presence: Businesses can cover regional markets with additional geographic numbers. Make your business a local call from your customers

Practical Productivity: Included range of calling features help manage your business more effectively, including Caller Blocking, Voicemail to Email, and web based extension management for greater control

And for companies with multiple offices

Office inclusion: Set up extension dialing between offices so that there are no call charges for staff communications, even when they are in different parts of the country

Save on travel: Use call conferencing and three way calling features, set up video conferencing by adding a video capable phone

International calls: international land line rates are low, often less than 3¢/min. Want to set up 4 digit dial across borders, talk to our engineers!

Global office connectivity: set up inter-office extension dialing between offices in different countries