Network Support & Consulting

End to End IT Infrastructure and Network Support

Voice over IP requires a high level of IT infrastructure and Network knowledge. Telewebtech offers standard support to all clients receiving monthly phone service. Clients can rest assured that Telewebtech’s trained technicians will help tackle problems happening across the point of demarcation, interact with representatives of their ISP to ensure modem and router compliance, and provide end to end telephony support.

Standard service included in the monthly service fees is available from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST by telephone and remote desktop. Additional levels of service including extended on-site support, weekend and holiday support, and 24 hour support are available.

Business IT Infrastructure and Network Consulting

Telewebtech also provides enterprise network and IT infrastructure consultations and services. Put a networking professional on your IT team to improve connectivity and systems integration or to reduce costs. Rent a CIO by enlisting Telewebtech’s Director of Engineering, who has over 25 years providing high level network services to large enterprises.