About IP PBX Phone Systems (Internet Protocol Private Branch eXchange)

If you’re already running a PBX, get ready to do more

PBX systems allow companies of any size to create extensions that access any number of telephone lines. Traditional PBX systems have been expensive and often have a limited number of features with additional fees for advanced features. IP PBX systems can be limited in the number of lines and extensions they are capable of handling and can still have additional charges for advanced features. This is primarily true with Proprietary Systems. However, Telewebtech’s managed Open VOIP Systems has all-inclusive pricing for all IP PBX features and additional charges for a limited number of additional features (fax to email, toll free numbers, International long distance, and automatic fail-over)*.

Open Systems: Advanced features, one price

Telewebtech works with several Open IP PBX including 3CX Phone System. 3CX is so robust that in addition to handling unlimited lines, extensions, and voicemail, it can run an entire call center with call queuing handling up to 256 calls at one time per server. Create the phone system you need including call groups, paging, or setting up their digital receptionist. Additionally, rely on a dependable service whether the system is hosted or managed on-site. Telewebtech manages the system remotely, guaranteeing that clients can always get the support they need.

*Why do fax to email, toll free numbers, International long distance, and automatic fail-over require more money? Well, because they require resources in addition to the IP PBX, such as switches or routers and in particular additional lines that carry separate fees, which we still keep as low as possible for our clients.