Open VOIP Phones

Use Any SIP Enabled Phone

Telewebtech helps companies choose the right equipment. Our clients can choose to purchase IP Phones at cost or have TWT maintain a system and pay strictly for the service. Either option guarantees that the system is always the best fit at the most affordable price. Below are some SIP enabled phone providers that our customers have found both reliable and cost efficient.

Grandstream GXP Series

The GXP2000 is an ideal IP phone for small business. It offers dual 10M/100Mbps Ethernet ports, intuitive user interfaces, large back-lit graphical LCD display with support for multiple languages, security and privacy protection.

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Snom 3xx and 8xx Series

snom offers the 3xx and 8xx Series SIP compliant IP phones. Both series offer energy efficient phones with serious consideration for quality and security. These are affordable, well built phones that feature simple interfaces with lots of options. Telewebtech is a snom partner.

Manufacturer’s Website

Polycom SoundPoint IP Phones

Long regarded as a leader in office communications, Polycom has created IP capable systems for desktops, conferencing, and video such as the IP 670 pictured.

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Cisco Unified IP Phones

Cisco has produced SIP enabled IP phones including the 9000 series, the SPA500 series and the all new SPA300 series. The 300 Series consists of affordable, entry-level IP phones for small business scalability and flexibility. These phones are a reliable and cost effective option.

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Aastra North American Terminals

Aastra is a manufacturer of terminals and systems communication networks. Their products work with various IP communications systems, including Telewebtechs’. Aastra’s full range of open-standard VOIP telephones and wireless handsets includes the 480i, an advanced IP screen Telephone that is easy to use.

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Already have a IP Phones? No problem, we do not require you to purchase your phones through us though we hope it would be difficult to beat our prices. Mention the make and model when contacting us so we can help you find the appropriate server technology.