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Built to Adapt: Open Platform Business Phone Systems

Telewebtech is a Certified Partner for the 3CX Phone System, a Windows-based IP PBX and a snom VAR. 3CX and snom both produce award-winning products including software-based business phone systems that replace traditional proprietary hardware PBXs. All Telewebtech business phone systems are built on open platforms using standard protocols for voice and video. These phone systems support most popular SIP phones, VoIP Gateways, VoIP service providers, and traditional phone services at an affordable price.

By providing support for End-to-End Telephony, IT Networking, and Integration services; Telewebtech makes a new phone system easy to manage and affordable for small businesses.

Products Include

5 Benefits of Open Platform Systems

  • Lower Cost (up to 60%)
  • Use Any SIP Device
  • Deploy on Windows, Linux*, or Mac*
  • Can be set up in the cloud
  • Runs over Current LAN Infrastructure
  • Feature-rich with a single license (3CX Features)

Learn more about the benefits of Open Phone Systems.

*snom ONE systems only

3CX Phone System Box

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