Business Telephone Systems and Service Products

How VoIP Works

Telewebtech’s VOIP telephone service utilizes a server to host the IP PBX system and IP phones to streamline the data flow to the network. Together, these can save a small company anywhere from 30% – 60% on their telephone service versus traditional PBX and PSTN. A managed service’s on-site server dramatically increases performance by minimizing needless network traffic, delivering clear, echo-free voice and video. It also provides the same clear voice transmission for intercom calls, voice mail, and find-me follow-me calls to forwarded outside numbers. Another benefit of our systems is a built in opportunity for fail-over protection. For an additional monthly fee, if at any time your server becomes unavailable, our service can automatically redirect your calls to cell phones or ring groups.

Our IP PBX provides a secure user interface for individuals to manage their own extension. This interface provides users with a visual tool for managing their voice mail, including playing it on their PC, saving it to client folders, forwarding their extension, managing their PINs, and their system status. The IP PBX also includes a robust conferencing service that allows you to host your own conference call whether voice or video. It allows for multiple extensions to use any number of telephone lines while providing standard features such as voicemail and advanced features such as call queuing for call centers. Savings are a result of reduced fees on phone calls and the bundling of fees related to traditional PBX systems.