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Telewebtech provides VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) paired with an Open-Platform advanced IP PBX to offer savings and greater flexibility for business telephone services.

  • System as a Service – often under $20 / user
  • VoIP rates are 30 – 60% less than traditional telephone lines
  • Additional service does not require additional physical lines
  • Soft phones can utilize data connections to avoid use of cell phone minutes

With Open-Platform IP Phone Systems and System as a Service pricing plans, Telewebtech can reduce costs. Monthly payments are often under $20 / user for full-featured VOIP to the Desktop. This is true VOIP, easy to manage, feature-rich voice services that work with any SIP-compliant device, connect to all major providers, and integrate with many business applications, including Salesforce and Microsoft Outlook. This Open System design promise is a key reason that Telewebtech can help reduce costs.