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VOIP to the desktop is essential to enterprises looking to improve their services. The savings and billing consistency are often the top organizational reasons to switch. However, most carriers are just offering the lines, leaving the networking to IT teams that are already committed to ongoing projects, not always accustomed to thinking about the overall network architecture, or have no background in telephony and phone systems.

If setting up VOIP to the desktop has taken longer than expected or just too complex to get off the ground, Telewebtech offers consulting services for both IT teams and corporate leaders. Our site surveys, installation support, and networking knowledge provide additional resources and options often left out of the mix. Telewebtech can also provide leadership in understanding and avoiding roadblocks, setting up trunks, and optimal pricing strategies.

There is no replacement for VoIP experience

Our goal as consultants is give your IT teams, or IT person, the room and resources necessary to get the job done quickly and correctly on the first try. We understand the project needs and have worked on many different systems for all sizes of entities. TWT’s engineering department partners with your team to develop requirements, resources, and plans of action to get VOIP to the desktop on line on time. The engineers will be available throughout the project to help overcome hurdles, barriers, or changes. Telewebtech can even create a PnP (Plug & Play) system for your team to install and manage on their own.

Knowing where your VOIP project stands

Our consultants can also help relate and relay the requirements to executives, clearing road blocks with concise explanations of required resources. With their depth of experience, our engineers can also provide cost-wise options that your team may not have even discussed.

Man with a phone

With 14 offices throughout the USA, our monthly phone bills and networking costs are always hard to manage and just expensive. Telewebtech’s consulting arm helped us in a variety of ways allowing our tech guys to handle it all with less time and they showed us where we could save money… More money than we expected.

- Dave Hunt, CPA
Schwarz Partners

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