Crossing Cables, Phone and Network

Small Business Slow to Adopt VOIP

Despite the cost benefits of VOIP (Voice over IP) technology, the study found 70 percent of small businesses are not using VOIP for business calls. Almost nine in 10 (87%) small business professionals are somewhat or not at all familiar with the term “unified communications,” which is the integration of voice, video, audio and instant messaging tools. Businesses Engaging in Risky Technology Behavior: Survey

Crossing Cables, Phone and NetworkThe most interesting part of this technology review may not have had anything to do with its title (Businesses Engaging in Risky Technology Behavior: Survey)! The review found that small businesses are simply unfamiliar with VOIP and Unified communications. Most likely, this represents the newness of the technology, but also the fact that while larger enterprises have hired specialists, traditional providers have not ventured to make VOIP to the Desktop Systems work. As a result, even many of the newer IP Phone Systems my company sees in the market do not encompass the benefits VOIP.

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