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Saving by Combining Telephony Resources

Shared Voice Services Image

3 Companies Invest in a Shared Phone System to Significantly Cut Costs with VOIP Services

Client Description: 3 Clients in a shared building utilize a Managed VOIP System on site. Lines and VoIP Support are provided by Telewebtech over a Cable broadband connection.

Summary: Clients requested a voice system that would allow them to combine services while maintaining individual lines and auto attendants in order to cut costs by using VoIP services. Telewebtech provided a combined services quote with unlimited nationwide minutes and a partitioned invoice structure for the building partnership. This client was offered a SaaS (System as a Service) option with an average telephone service spend per user of under $15.00 per user monthly because of their low call concurrency. Telewebtech solutions were necessary to correct interoffice networking and ISP connectivity issues present in the group’s network. Continue reading