US Broadband Health Report

Broadband in the US is expensive and slow compared to many other first world countries. Don’t believe it? Check out the study released last year by Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society done on behalf of the Federal Communications Commission. Rick Karr ( delivers an excellent post with some links to further study. He solidly points his finger at and encourages government regulators.

At a time when everything seems to be difficult and many are complaining about too much regulation, Karr has made an interesting note: regulators can increase competition as well. So why isn’t there more competition?

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Shared Voice Services Image

Saving by Combining Telephony Resources

Shared Voice Services Image

3 Companies Invest in a Shared Phone System to Significantly Cut Costs with VOIP Services

Client Description: 3 Clients in a shared building utilize a Managed VOIP System on site. Lines and VoIP Support are provided by Telewebtech over a Cable broadband connection.

Summary: Clients requested a voice system that would allow them to combine services while maintaining individual lines and auto attendants in order to cut costs by using VoIP services. Telewebtech provided a combined services quote with unlimited nationwide minutes and a partitioned invoice structure for the building partnership. This client was offered a SaaS (System as a Service) option with an average telephone service spend per user of under $15.00 per user monthly because of their low call concurrency. Telewebtech solutions were necessary to correct interoffice networking and ISP connectivity issues present in the group’s network. Continue reading