Is TeleWebTech a telephone service provider?

Yes... we can handle your VoIP connectivity, which connects your phone system to the PTSN (public telephone service network). TeleWebTech will handle your telephone lines and bill you directly for international calls, and at a massive savings over traditional phone service. We specialize in setting up service for small businesses that either require an IP PBX to handle multiple users at one location or that have multiple locations that can benefit by being on the same system, or both. We are a "one-stop" provider. We can design your system, install it, customize it to your needs, and provide all of the connectivity services to activate your VoIP system.

How long does it take to set up?

Depending upon the number of phones and locations, as little as a week. Of course, telephone numbers currently carried by a traditional phone carrier have to be switched over and some of the older carriers can take a little more time. Often, we have worked with the carrier before and can give an accurate assessment of the time needed for transferring (porting) your phone number(s).

Why do I need an Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

TeleWebTech helps your calls get through the Internet; however, we don’t get you onto the Internet. An ISP connects you to the Internet. We have, however, worked with all of the major ISPs to ensure that our clients are receiving the best internet speeds and most reliable service possible.

Why does TeleWebTech install a server?

Much as traditional PBX systems required large boxes in the basement, IP PBX software systems require a computer to run on. The server (sometimes called an IP PBX appliance) handles more than just extensions and connections. It also handles voicemail, the PA system, and allows advanced features like ring groups, digital receptionist, and call queuing. For smaller systems we can implement a cloud-based server rather than a physical server in your office. (See VoIP Delivery Methods)

Will my phone system be "down" while you are installing my new system?

No. TeleWebTech will build your new system and run it "in parellel" with your old system.This gives us an opportunity to get your ring groups setup, set call routing preferences for each user, get your auto-attendant message recorded, and train you on your new TeleWebTech system. Once all of those tasks are completed to your satisfaction, we apply for the "port" (transfer) of your phone number(s). We estimate a maximum of a 20 minute interruption in phone service during the transfer process, but usually find it to be more like 3-5 minutes. We always try to schedule the porting process and "cut-over" to your new system during a slow time of day, such as early or late in the day or even on weekends if necessary.

Can TeleWebTech support ANY VoIP system?

Yes. As long as your system is SIP-compliant we can help you with system problems. Plus, using our expertise in computer networking and internet connectivity, we can help solve those problems which are often the cause of poor performance of Voice over IP systems.

Why do International calls require additional fees?

Not all countries have replaced their traditional PSTN lines (public service telephone network), which means they still charge for usage. However, VoIP uses the closest PSTN switch to drastically reduce international fees. If you have an overseas office, ask us about reducing office to office costs.

Why do toll free numbers require additional fees?

Two reasons: one is that the client is charged per minute for the calls they receive. Second, toll free lines are set up in the same way as a DID (direct inward dial) line and so require monthly payment for the number itself.

Why does automatic fail-over require additional fees?

Automatic fail-over requires outside resources, in particular an off-site server backing up your system. As your ISP may be the source of the problem, the off-site server will route your calls to cell phones or call groups, whichever you believe best.