How We Deliver Your Phone Service

There are 2 methods of delivering Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services to your business:

  • On-premise Installation
  • Cloud-based Delivery

BTW... we call it "phone service", but it is really much, much more. VoIP is capable of delivering "unified communications" including voice and realtime video. The 3cx PBX system delivers auto-attendant, find me/follow me, voicemail-to-email, easy moves/adds/changes, and so much more.

On-premise Installation:

On-premise installation places a server at your location, dedicated to running 3cx's IP PBX. TeleWebTech recommends an on-premise IP PBX for companies with over 10 persons at the main site or when high call volume is required.

TeleWebTech offers the support that companies need to ensure these systems are properly integrated and maintained. A locally-installed IP PBX makes all of the advanced features of VoIP available to you.

When a local server is utilized, we also set up a redundant copy of your IP PBX on a server in the cloud, so that if you experience a power or internet outage, your phone calls can be routed to a cell phone, a ring group of cell phones, or any phone in any location. We call this "Cloud Recovery".

Cloud-based (Hosted) Delivery:

Cloud-based delivery means that the system is hosted off-site (in the Cloud) and you are using the business phone system as "service" for a monthly fee. Nothing is installed in your office(s) except SIP-compliant telephone handsets or "soft phones" (software installed on your computers to allow the computer to be used as a phone).

TeleWebTech delivers Hosted VoIP for businesses. We recommend cloud-based services for customers that need no more than 10 concurrent voice lines. Above that number, we recommend using an on-premise installation.

Single member companies... ask about our Mobile Entrepreneur program. We can make your customer communications more efficient!

  • One phone number for your customer to call
  • One voicemail box for you to check
  • Use any desk phone, smart phone, computer, or tablet as your "phone".
  • Maintain your privacy by not giving out your home number or personal cell number.