About TeleWebTech

With TeleWebTech you get technology that works, a provider with all of the right skills to make VoIP a successful technology, systems that save money, and a company with a culture of service. We are dedicated to providing open communications platforms that allow our customers to communicate seamlessly worldwide with the greatest efficiency and at the lowest cost possible.

Technology That Works...

Voice over IP is a maturing technology. Improvements in VoIP technology coupled with increasing bandwidth globally make VoIP a reliable and cost-effective way to deliver unified communication services, including voice and video. Reliability and redundancy using "cloud recovery" are part of a well-designed and installed Voice over IP system. 90+% of ALL calls worldwide are delivered using Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP is here to stay and only gets better everyday.

All of the Right Skills

VoIP is an application that runs on a computer network and communicates over the Internet. TeleWebTech has all of the skills and experience necessary to make your VoIP implementation successful.

  • Computer Networking since 1983
  • Internet Connectivity and Security since 1991
  • Cloud Computing since 1993
  • Voice over IP since 2003

Systems That Save Money...

Voice over IP leverages the low cost of the internet to provide unified communication services at a fraction of the cost of traditional phone systems. Along with the reduced cost comes added flexibility and enhanced features that are unavailable in traditional PBX systems.

A Culture of Service...

We are an American company based in Indiana. Our “Culture of Service” focuses us on serving people first and trusting that our own needs will be met. This approach has served us well for many years. Our support team is located in the US and are well-trained on VoIP and computer networking. Clients who previously used other VoIP providers have reported waiting up to 2 days for help, so they are pleasantly surprised when we respond ASAP with care and concern for their needs and the skills and resources to help them.